Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Between Thriftys and the library downtown Courtenay. I've learned that it needs to be tight enough not to slouch. I fixed it today by taking it in about an inch...unless it's that the lamppost lost some weight?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My first wrap. Indeed, my first crocheted piece in a couple of years, so the variations in yarn weight were a lesson in and of themselves. I cut this off the other day, as various Cumberland hoodlums have been trying to rip it off for the past month and have given it a ragged appearance. I had originally closed it along the back seam with zapstraps, thinking they were indestructible. However, never underestimate the strength of a hoodlum. I now know that it is better to use a yarn needle and sew the seam with the yarn tail.

This video clip was taken by a friend who helped me drop some shroom bombs on Cortez Island at Hollyhock. The woman who comes along and finds the shroom is an honest-to-goodness passerby, not a stunt double.

The little shroom in this picture has been in the same spot for two months now, escaping the notice of hoodlums. It gets moved around every now and then, tucked further behind the shrub, or brought more to the front...someone's enjoying it.

And my all-time favourite - the scrotum cozy in Kamloops.