Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Testing blogger app

My fave teapot cozy - I'm felting away these days, but won't forget to bomb something soon.

Tag view of ocean

A breezy, cold day here on the weekend.  We went for a walk at the beach at Oyster River to catch as much of the sunshine as possible.  Fingers were definintely feeling frozen by the time we made our way home to a hot fire and tea kettle.

There were Canadian geese and swans aplenty, honking and cronking away.  The kid wore her gumboots so she could go walking in the water (crazy in this temperature!) and found some interestingly twisted roots and branches to bring home.

As we were leaving the beach and heading back through the forest to the car, the sun was sinking below the mountains on the mainland, and the snow capped peaks were shining. 

Went home and watched The Tempest, with Helen Mirren as Prospera...loved it.