Monday, October 18, 2010

Shelf Cozy

This shelf cozy is at the Comox library, hugging the fibre arts section.  I thought about superglue, but settled on magnetic strips cut from business card magnets stuck to the back of it.  It looks a bit forlorn, but has a lovely sheen.

I'm making a project for my house - a yarn cozy that will be mounted to my wall.  I got the idea from a website, but don't want to give away the surprise. 

The guys at Slegg Lumber were incredibly helpful, risking finger amputation to cut an 8 foot sonotube down into 8" sections for me.  And that was 15 minutes before closing!  Those guys made my day.

A light sanding with a fine sandpaper smoothed the edges, and a few coats of paint will hide the fact that it's sonotube.   More to follow.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One of the things I'm noticing as a result of yarnbombing is a heightened sense of my place in this community.  The tree above is outside the hospital where my two nieces were born, and putting those two rocks in the tree feels like a small anchor to that place. There is a small pink tag around the stop sign at the corner of 17th and Wilemar, which I pass everyday, and it acts as a small marker to me on my way to and from work.  It's one of the points of contact where two strands of the web of my life meet.  It's a bit like mapping the world, leaving landmarks that I recognize as having a distinct connection with my life, even if it is a small connection.  Try it.  You might like it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

That warm fuzzy feeling that a cozy can bring on

Today I hooked up a new cozy for one of the posts outside the library.  As I was stitching it on (quickly!) a young man came over and asked why I was doing it, gesturing towards the post I was working on and the others already cozied up.  I'll admit that I knee-jerkclassified him in the "hoodlum" category (based on his manner of dress), which is the category for anyone who'd ever want to rip off a cozy.  I thought I was about to hear a bit of criticism.

I answered that I was doing it because I wanted to make the world a more cheerful place.

He leaned over and gave me a big hug and said "That's awwweeesooooommme!"


Not a hoodlum, then, but someone who felt the warm and fuzzy.  Nice.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rail cozy

Another pic of the three-gen-lovebomb activity in front of the Courtenay library.
Need bigger house for more yarn.
Need more yarn.