Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bunting Cozies up to the Breezy Day

It really (really) helps to know someone tall.  I scouted out this place for the bunting I've been working on for weeks, but neglected to check whether or not I could actually reach the perfect spot.  It also really helps to be carrying two thick books for the tall person to balance on precariously. 

And then it's up, and there it is swaying in the breeze, making the world a brighter place.

Blending in with the local flora in matching tones of rhododendron pink.

Happy to finally be out of the bag and flying free in the blue sky.

With many thanks to Crochet With Raymond for the free pattern for granny bunting.
Visit her site for fun colours, patterns, pictures of Raymond....


  1. Just testing the comment function - I seem to be losing comments mysteriously. For those who posted a comment with questions, sorry I didn't get back to you!

  2. hey ann marie!
    f-ing fabulous buntings! perfect, in fact.

    p.s. i have mysteriously lost comments too. and so has another blogger friend.