Friday, May 6, 2011

I like looking too much

Seems I spend more time looking at other people's great crafts/creations than making my own.  I know this is a common form of procrastination.  And in the click-click-click of following inspiration on the web, I often lose what I was looking for in the first place. 

Then I came across this picture

and followed it to the blogger who posted it on the inspiration for craft site.  Her idea of using posts to contain what she finds inspiring is...well, inspiring.

I'll learn the technology through trial and error, and enjoy creating a repository for myself of bits to try some day.

The bird on the hat is needle-felted.

Another fun thing to make for the nieces:

Some yarnbombs...tree hugger

I saw these in Tofino, BC

I've created page tabs at the top of the blog, for collecting the flotsam that seems particularly jetsam to me.

Now to make something of my own....


  1. very cool, I really like that little mushroom!

  2. thank you for saying that ann marie. i thought i was the only one!